Truck Business Improving in Tempe, Arizona?

Greeves & Roethler, PLC

On a completely anecdotal note, I have personally noticed an increase in large trucks traffic in Tempe for the last month.  I have rarely seen a concrete truck, or a grading truck, or any other form of construction related truck for the last couple of years.  I believe it has actually been since around mid-2007 that I saw these trucks on the road on a regular basis near Tempe or Mesa or Chandler or even Phoenix.  However, in the last few months, I have noticed a marked increase in truck traffic.

I view this as being a substantial development in the economy of Phoenix and Tempe.  As most locals are aware, Phoenix’s and Tempe’s economy is largely based on the construction and development markets.  Spotting more construction traffic means that there is more construction work being done.  I can only hope that this continues and is a sign of the start of the recovery of Tempe’s and Phoenix’s economy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article by Tempe based Bankruptcy Lawyer, Glenn Roethler, partner at Greeves, Price & Roethler, PLC.

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