The information gathering/document preparation stage (Part 2)

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Bankruptcy lawyers often use paralegals in the information gathering/document preparation stage.  This is because it is a time consuming and often, repetitive process that requires little legal analysis.

I’ve combined the information gathering/document preparation stages into one because the data is generally entered as it is gathered.  It is normal to be given a worksheet for you to take home and fill out.   This information will be used in your bankruptcy to fill out the petition.  It will also be reviewed by a lawyer in order to see if there are any issues that are presented when you gather the data.

The review by the lawyer is critical in order to allow for adjustment of timing of the bankruptcy and to see if there are any issues that need to be sorted out prior to filing the bankruptcy.  This can include selling property, spending money, buying new property, etc.

This process is usually fairly short, but can take time, depending on what the bankruptcy lawyer determines is best for your case, whether waiting, or filing immediately.

Just remember that timing of your bankruptcy is critical, and that if this is not addressed in your meeting, you should seek assistance elsewhere.

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