DIY Bankruptcy

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I grew up on a farm.  It was normal for us to do everything ourselves.  I can’t think of a single thing my father hired someone else to do.  This includes things like plumbing, car mechanics, farming and logging. I certainly understand the desire to do everything yourself.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Here we go, surprise, surprise, a bankruptcy lawyer is going to try to dissuade me from doing my own bankruptcy.”  Truthfully, I am all for you doing your own bankruptcy.  However, I think you need to do your homework first.  Much like doing a carpentry project, you have to do the homework first, in order to be able to have your desired outcome.

I’ll tell you a secret, there was once a time when I didn’t file any bankruptcies before, and I put my shingle out and did a bankruptcy with zero experience.  Of course, I put the time, energy and money into doing my research into the process before doing it.

I purchased all kinds of books on bankruptcy and read them from cover to cover, repeatedly.  Even doing this, and with a degree in law, I was still confused about certain concepts.  These concepts took several bankruptcies to finally figure out.

Fortunately, these types of things in bankruptcy are relatively rare and not that many cases are affected by them.

I would estimate that I spent 200 hours learning about bankruptcy before I took my first case.  This includes going through every single statute on the bankruptcy documents and looking up every single legal reference.  Quite frankly, I think this made me a much better bankruptcy lawyer.

You can certainly file your own bankruptcy without going through all the hours I put into learning bankruptcy before doing your own bankruptcy.  Luckily, there are few things that aren’t correctable if you make a mistake in bankruptcy.  So, all in all, I have no problem with you doing your bankruptcy, as long as you do your homework.  I wish you the best if you are going to go forward with your DIY bankruptcy.

Please look out for my podcast/articles on how to complete your own bankruptcy.

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