Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process

If you need to file bankruptcy, Chapter 7 is generally the best way to do it, providing you qualify.  The following is a basic explanation of the process.  There are more details on the linked pages. Deciding Whether to File Bankruptcy The first step of the bankruptcy process is your decision to file bankruptcy.  This […]

Can You Have Good Credit After Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Phoenix?

good Credit After Chapter 7

You can start rebuilding your credit immediately after bankruptcy. On-time payments to your secured loans and getting a secured credit card are key. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives you the relief of fixing your credit.  It’s called the “fresh start bankruptcy.”  This includes having the ability to get decent credit. If you are considering bankruptcy, […]

How to Get Out of Debt–Fast!

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How to Get A Out of Debt–Fast! So you’ve had a difficult few years. Things have not gone as planned. You’ve had medical issues, or lost a job, or got divorced, or 1 of a million other things that could happen to cause your own personal financial castle to crumble. You are now in a […]

8 Indicators Bankruptcy is Right for You

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8 Indicators Bankruptcy is Right for You (and how to reduce stress!) It’s often difficult to know if bankruptcy is right for you.  If you have one or more of these indicators, you should give us a call at (480) 422-1850 immediately to schedule a free consult in-person or via telephone. 1. Living paycheck to […]

The Bankruptcy Petition

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The first eight or so pages of the bankruptcy paperwork is called the petition.  The petition is all you technically need to file in order to declare bankruptcy.  The information that you need is pretty basic.  It requires that you know your name, which bankruptcy you are planning on filing, your address and your social […]

DIY Bankruptcy

Tax Lien

I grew up on a farm.  It was normal for us to do everything ourselves.  I can’t think of a single thing my father hired someone else to do.  This includes things like plumbing, car mechanics, farming and logging. I certainly understand the desire to do everything yourself. At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Here […]

Alfredo Angelo’s Bankruptcy

Alfredo Angelo’s Bankruptcy

There is a current bankruptcy that has been in the news — The Alfredo Angelo Bridal bankruptcy.  This is causing massive amounts of additional stress in one of the already very stressful times in a person’s life.  So, the question remains, what will happen to the people that put in a deposit and didn’t receive […]

Bankruptcy Fraud and What You Need to Know

Bankruptcy Fraud

In the news, today, there is an article about a widow trying to preserve her $6 million judgment against a financial adviser who filed for bankruptcy protection. There is a cautionary tale to be told regarding using this case as an example for both creditors and for debtors, alike. Even without looking at the docket, […]

The information gathering/document preparation stage (Part 2)

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Bankruptcy lawyers often use paralegals in the information gathering/document preparation stage.  This is because it is a time consuming and often, repetitive process that requires little legal analysis. I’ve combined the information gathering/document preparation stages into one because the data is generally entered as it is gathered.  It is normal to be given a worksheet […]

What to Expect from your Lawyer During the Bankruptcy Process? (Part 1)

good Credit After Chapter 7

Every bankruptcy lawyer has a different process when it comes to how they practice.  However, there are general steps that you should expect to experience while going through the bankruptcy process.  These steps are the introduction, the information gathering/document preparation stage, the document review stage, the filing time, the filing day, the 341 hearing and, […]