A SAAB Story – The SAAB Bankruptcy

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It appears that SAAB will be the next recognizable car manufacturer finding it necessary to file bankruptcy.  SAAB is owned by Spyker Cars, a Dutch company.  Just today, Lars Holmqvist, President off the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, stated in an article by Radio Netherlands world wide:  “It is a great burden for Spyker boss Victor Muller to solve Saab’s problems. They seem too big.”

I take this news to be just another example of how poorly the economic recovery is going worldwide.  Everywhere you turn in the news media, the economy is in recovery and things are getting better.  Unfortunately, I do not see this as being the case.  Maybe I have a more cynical view of the state of the economy due to my profession as a bankruptcy lawyer, however, I believe my position provides me a realistic view of the economy for the normal person.

It may be true that the economy is improving for the financial markets and large companies.  However, it seems that improvement is at the expense of the majority of actual human Americans.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.  The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of Tempe Bankruptcy Lawyer Glenn Roethler and are not endorsed or believed by Greeves, Price & Roethler, PLC.


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